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o come. We have to recognize that there will always be differences between us because we are two different countries with very different historical heritages, different cultures, and different political and economic systems. But we have to manage the diff9

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ive way. We have to keep in mind that our common interests and mutual needs always outweigh whatever differences we have. We are faced with so many global challenges. Neither China nor the United States can handle them all by itself, whether the pandemic x

or climate change or n6



atural disasters. It is the expectation of the international community that China and the United States should work with each other, not against each other, on these global challenges. This is the larger common interest.As for our differences, I have to bb

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issues, including those you just mentioned, such as the situation across the Taiwan Strait, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and the South China sea, if we look at the map, they are either part of the Chinese territory or very close to China. None of them is close toq

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rtainly none of them is part of the US territory. So for us, its a matter of sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity. Sometimes we just dont believe why these issues should become issues between our two countries. They are internal issues for China. As the Chinese 3

nation strives to achieve modernization, we have to solve the issues concerning our sovereignty and territorial integrity in the process. They are our own affairs. But as I said, we do have a very complex relationship. SomeG

times we have disputes overB